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How Do I Create a Shared Alert?


From the Alerts Management area select  

+ New Alert from the Options menu:


This will open a pop-up window for you to give your alert a title. Once you have named your alert, and hit 'Create', you will then be taken to the alert edit view.

Activate and Set Alert Details

Your alert will not go out to anyone until there is content in your alert, you activate the alert (via Options > Activate) and also add subscribers to the distribution list.



Define the Alert's Template and Layout


You can view what the various Advanced Layout options will look like by ticking the box, saving the alert and then previewing it.


See a bigger version of this image here

Add Elements to your Alert

From the Alert Elements tab, determine what sources and elements will populate your alert. An element may be a RSS, webpage, or Email2Linex source, a saved search, a source collection or an article collection. Additional elements which can be added to your alert include section headers and free text.

Set the Alert's Publish Schedule

The alert will automatically publish at the designated publishing schedule, which can be weekly, daily, twice daily or every 30 minutes. For alerts which you do not want to publish automatically, the option to set the schedule to Manual requires that an administrator come into the alert and select Publish under the Options menu. Be sure to check your alert's publishing time zone as well.

Subscribe Users to the Alert

Under the Subscriber tab, add Readers to the alert's distribution list. The search box is predictive, so it will suggest Users from your organization after two letters have been typed into the box. If your organization has uploaded distribution lists to Linex, these can also be set as subscribers to an alert.

Create a Shared Alert from a Search

You can also create an alert directly from a search. Once you’ve run the search, find the Create Alert link in the Options menu. This will take you to the edit view of the alert - with your search attached in the alert element area.

If you create an alert from a saved Nexis search, then you will not be able to add additional searches or sources to your alert. This is for our customers who have a license for Nexis only alerts.

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