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Search Tips


If your search is in an automated alert, invest a little bit of time in setting up a good search (to learn how to create a saved search, see this knowledge article). 

The search tips below apply just to Linex search, not to any API searches. 

Keep it simple

  • If searching for a phrase put it in quote marks e.g. "intellectual property" (Note: curved speech marks - usually a result of copying and pasting quoted text - do not produce accurate results. Straight speech marks are needed to produce the desired results)
  • To find alternatives of a word put an * at the end e.g. employ* will find employ, employment, employer  
  • Combine two terms or phrases with AND e.g. "bribery act" AND Russia  
  • Have alternative terms using OR e.g. "bribery act" OR "Anti-Corruption"  
  • Exclude terms using the NOT or minus e.g. "bribery act" -construction

Narrowing down - general

You can use the left hand navigation filters, as well as the options Title Only and Match Uppercase (underneath the search box) to narrow down your search.

Some more complex ideas

  • Proximity searching between two words can be achieved using the tilda or forward slash e.g. "bribery russia"~3 will find the words bribery and russia within 3 words of each other  (alternately, “bribery russia”/3). Note that proximity searching does not allow for truncated searches (e.g. "bribe* russia"~3).
  • Combining concepts using the brackets e.g. (bribery or corruption) AND (legislation or orders)  
  • Truncation: emp* will search for employment, employees, employer etc. You cannot use the truncator, *, at the start of a word e.g. *employ  
  • Wildcard: ? will search for a single character e.g. te?t searches for test and text
  • Field options: these can be merged or used on their own e.g.(summary:"corporate governance" OR title:"corporate governance") AND (org_name:law360 OR org_name:asian OR org_name:Complinet).

Searching non-Roman language texts

You can search in the native text and characters of any language. If you are searching for the company China Shipping, you can type its name as 中国海运 - however in this example as Chinese characters run into each other you will need to put an asterisk either side of your search terms to find it anywhere in the document






In each instance, the field operator must be lowercase, and there should be no space after the colon.



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