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How Do I Create a New Saved Search or Modify an Existing One?


Create a new saved search

From the News page, run a search. By default you are searching all the sources within the Linex Source Library including those that are private to your organisation. To run a search through a more narrowly defined set of sources, please see this article on what options are available.

  1. Searches can be narrowed using the filters on the left-hand side of the page, including your organisation's custom taxonomy. Other options include searching Title Only and Match Uppercase. The Query Editor opens a pop-up allowing more room to work for longer search strings. (For tips on searching in Linex, view our guide.)
  2. Once you have determined your search fits your requirements, select Save from the Options menu. A pop-up will ask you to give your search a title. You also have the option of making this search visible only to you via the tick box labeled ‘Make Personal’. If you don’t mark your search as personal, it will remain private to your organisation but will also be visible to other Administrators in your organisation and Readers* (*if applicable for your organisation's platform and licence). 

Your search is now available on the Source Management page and can be added to an alert in the same way as any other source. If you chose to make the search personal to you only, then it will be available via ‘My Saved Searches’ in your Personal Menu in the top navigation.

(Note: When creating multiple saved searches consecutively, be sure to refresh the page between searches to ensure you are not overwriting your previous search.)



Modify an existing saved search

You can modify an existing saved search either from the Source Management page or from within the edit view of an alert in which the search is included.

From Source Management

Locate your search on the Source Management page. This can easily be achieved using the search bar at the top of the page and/or using a combination of applicable filters on the left side of the page, including the Manager and Search Type filters.

  1. To modify the name, description and/or manager of a saved search, use the drop down menu next to the search title and select Edit Details. This will give you a pop-up where you can make changes and finish by clicking "Update".
  2. To modify the search terms or filters of a saved search, select Run Search from the drop down menu next to the search title. This will open the search in the News page where you can make your changes. Once you have updated your search, select Save* from the Options menu. You will once again see the pop-up asking you to give your search a title, but the existing title will auto-populate. If you do not wish to change the name of the search, simply hit Save again.

*You will note when saving the search that you will now have additional choices under the Options menu. You can also use the Save As option to replicate your search with changes, without affecting your original saved search.




From an Alert

You can also make changes to a saved search directly from within the edit view of an alert.

To edit the title, description or manager, click on the pencil icon to the right of your saved search element.



To update the search terms and filters, click on the name of the saved search. This will open a preview of the search. From the Options menu in that pop-up, select "Search" and continue with the instructions in the point 2 above.

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