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How Do I Curate an Alert?


Administrators can further curate the Alert within the Alert Preview window. From the Alert Edit page, select Preview, which will open the preview in a new window.

You can choose to exclude particular articles from the Alert using the icon to the right of the article title. A shortcut to exclude/include all articles, can be found at the top of the preview window, under the Options drop down. You can also choose to view the preview with all excluded content hidden.



Administrators can also modify the title and/or summary of individual articles within this window.



If you don’t see the summary box, only the title box, then it will be due to the article being in ‘search snippet’ format.

Promotion of Articles



It is possible to promote or demote articles within an alert.

Except in Article Collections, in the preview of an alert you will see an option next to every article. Clicking the up arrow will promote the article to the top of the alert section and put it in a shaded ‘promoted zone’. The value will change to 1 on the first click.

You can promote any number of articles. If they all have the value of 1 then they will subsequently be ordered by date, just as they are now. You can increase the value of any article by clicking on the up arrow again, this will promote an article within the shaded promoted zone. The higher the value the higher up the list the article will go in relation to the other stories in that section.

To demote an article use the down arrow on the left. The story will get a minus value and will go to the bottom of the section, but will not include shading.

The color of the background shading for promoted articles can be set across an organization, so contact your account manager if your organization would like to change the promoted article shading color.

Note that when an alert is set to the Alert Element template style, Article Collections have an up/down arrow to the left of the articles, allowing you to move the article up and down in the Collection without including shading. To apply promotion to articles in an Article Collection, please change your alert template style.

Removing Duplicates in Linex (De-duplication)

The ways in which Linex de-duplicates are as follows:

  • Items that point to the same link but are appearing on different days will not reappear in alerts
  • Where you have the same story appearing in different Elements e..g two searches where the content may overlap, you can prevent the items appearing in both Elements by changing the template that you use from the default of by Element to Publisher Name.cf4ff0b8-c21a-483c-8791-a42405aba2f9_display.png 
  • It is also possible to de-duplicate at the Alert level using the 'Remove Duplicates' option in the Alert edit view.

Remove duplicates in the Alert Edit view

If you tick the box in the Alert Edit view this will remove duplicates based on title:


You can tick this box, save your change and preview your alert to compare results.

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