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How do I Utilize Tags in Linex?


Tag Lists and their underlying Tags are used to group sources and alerts using your own custom taxonomy*. They are also used to create custom filters on the News Search page in Linex, allowing you to narrow your article results based on your source tags. Tag Lists appear as a left side filter on your Source Management, Alert Management, News and My Alerts pages. Sources and Alerts can have multiple tags assigned to them, and are helpful in filtering through your resources for like items.

*Note: Only those designated as System Administrators have the ability to create and modify Tag Lists and Tags, however all Administrators are able to tag Sources and Alerts with the Tags created by those System Administrators. To learn how to create and manage Tag Lists, please see this guide.

Tagging Sources And Alerts

Once Tag Lists and Tags have been created for your organisation, you can tag sources and alerts via the drop down menu to the left of the alert or source. You will be able to choose a tag list and search within that list and apply selected tags.



Multiple sources and alerts can be tagged at once by ticking the box beside each name and then clicking the contextual tag icon at the top of the list:


Using Tags As Filters

Your tags will appear as filters on the relevant views, i.e. Source Management, Alert Management and News.

If you tag a source, the articles in that source will inherit the tag except for:

  • Linex Searches (Lexis searches, PLC searches etc across the inbuilt search engines are fine)
  • Article Collections
  • Source Collections (but you can tag the individual sources)


Q: How do Tags differ from Source Collections?

A: Tags are best used for allowing consistent categorisation of your sources whereas Source Collections are better for allowing you to group and search through sources which do not otherwise adhere to your organisation's taxonomy. Additionally, tags create custom filters on the various pages listed above, whereas Source Collections are treated like other sources.

Q: Why don't I see my Tag List/Tag?

A: If no sources or alerts are attached to a tag, then the Tag List or Tag will not be visible as a filter on the applicable page. The default view does not show any filters with the value of 0.

Q: How do I create new Tags and Tag Lists?

A: A System Administrator at your organisation can do this. If they have the permission they will see the 'Tag Management' option on the Administration drop down menu. Learn more about how to create Tag Lists here.

Q: What Tags can I apply to Sources?

A: You can apply any of your own organisation's Tags. Whilst you can see the Linex Jurisdiction and Sector Tags, you will not be able to apply or remove these from your sources as they are system-wide settings. If you have a question or concern about a Linex tag applied to a Source, please use the Report Issue option under the drop down beside the Source title.

Q: When I tag a Source how soon after will the articles from that Source get the Tag?

A: It can take approximately 20 to 30 minutes before the articles from the last three months will display the tag that you applied to the Source.

Q: What happens if I untag a Source?

A: If you untag a Source, all articles already in the system will keep the tag that was previously applied. Future articles that come in after the Tag is removed will not be tagged.

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