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How Do I Create an Article Collection (for Handpicked Content)?


Article Collections are used as a holder into which you can place hand-picked articles. An Article Collection can then be treated like any other source and added to one or more Shared and/or Personal Alerts. You can have any number of Article Collections, they are classed as sources and do not count towards any alert allocation. 

Linex customers use Article Collections for a number of reasons:

  • For those alerts that really need more of the human element rather than be automated, but still enable a streamlined and time saving approach to current awareness
  • To quickly construct an alert by dropping articles easily into an article collection. This is often done by scanning a combined list of articles placed in a Source Collection which pulls together articles from e.g. 5 different emails, 10 government websites, 20 feeds from publishers such as Westlaw, Lexis and PLC
  • If you upload Content to Linex (e.g. from your Know How system) and then want to include it in an alert, Linex need a place to hang the article, this place is an Article Collection
  • To create a feed for your intranet - some of our subscribers have content management systems for their intranet that make it difficult for them to add articles or stories to their site. Linex can help by integrating with your intranet or providing an RSS or html link to the alert that contains the Article Collection(s) which you then have complete control over.

Create An Article Collection And Populate It

You have the option to create an Article Collection in the edit view of any alert, when you upload an article or from the News page, when selecting an article to add to an Article Collection, you will have the option to create a new one. Article Collections can be managed from the Source Management page.

In the alert edit view:

  1. Navigate to the Alert Elements tab;
  2. From the Add Element menu, choose "Create article collection";
  3. Name your new Article Collection;
  4. Click Save

Find Articles To Add To Your Article Collection

First, run a search from the News page. If your search is complex, consider saving it for future editions of your Alert.

  1. When you find one or more relevant articles, tick the article(s);
  2. Once articles are ticked, options appear at the top including a briefcase symbol, select this;
  3. You will see a pop up where you can search for your Article Collections;
  4. Select the Article Collections to which you wish to add the article(s);
  5. Finish to confirm and close the pop-up.

How To Add PDFs or One Off Articles To An Alert

You can add Word documents or PDFs, that might be on your computer or in your know-how system to an alert. You can also add articles that you cant find in Linex, but are available on the internet or on your intranet.

You can upload content either from the edit view of the alert or from your personal menu, wherever you are in Linex.


In the popup:

  1. Fill out the article title;
  2. Choose the upload button and locate your document OR fill out the URL of the item you want to add;
  3. Include a summary (this is optional);
  4. The default is that the document is private to your organisation. If you want it to be available to others untick this box;
  5. Tick the box saying you have the necessary permissions to upload;
  6. Click Next.

The article is now uploaded to Linex.

You will then get a pop-up asking you which Article Collections you want to add the article to as well as the option to create a new Article Collection.26407459-b0ff-4eee-acf9-f5d29171f384_display.png

Additional Information About Uploaded Documents

What if my document is password protected?

This is fine, when the recipient of the alert clicks on the link to the document they will be prompted for the password. If you always use the same password for the uploaded documents you could include this in the Newsletter header. If it is a different password, then you could include it in the summary when you upload the document.

How can I view all the articles that I've uploaded?

From your personal menu there is an option called My Uploads. Clicking on this will take you to the News page, where all of your previously uploaded articles are displayed.

How to Remove Or Amend Articles In Your Article Collection

You can view, remove and amend articles from your Article Collection by opening the collection from the Source Management page. When you have located your Article Collection on the Source Management page, use the drop down menu beside the title and select Run Search. This will open the Article Collection.

To delete an article from your collection, use the drop down menu beside the name of the article, or to delete multiple articles, use the tick boxes to select, and use the trash icon at the top of the page.

To amend the summary and/or title of an article in your collection select Edit Article from the same drop down menu. Amend the title of the article; and/or amend the summary of the article and save.

*Note that these changes will be reflected in any alerts in which the Article Collection is found.



Q: I would like to upload an Article by filling out the URL, but I get an ‘invalid URL’ message when I try. Why is that?

A: Only URLs with standard domain extensions (ex: .com/.co.uk etc.) are supported, so links which do not include this type of domain extension (such as intranet links) will produce an error. We recommend uploading this article as a document if possible. For more information, please contact your Account Manager.

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