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What Are Personal Alerts and How Are They Managed?


A Personal Alert is a Smart Alert which only one individual can be subscribed to. This allows end users to create and manage their own Alert from a set of Sources defined by the Administrator from My Firm's Library. Each user can have one Personal Alert (permitting your subscription allowance) with as many Sources added to that Alert as they wish. Users can also be subscribed to numerous Shared Alerts. Personal Alerts can be set up by an Administrator or by the Reader, when that setting is applied to the account.

Setting Up Personal Alerts

Before you set up your Personal Alerts, Linex recommends that you:

  • Decide on who will have access and who will create the Personal Alerts.
  • Set up your Source Library.
  • Either give access to the end users to create their Personal Alerts or create the Alerts on their behalf.

Personal Alert Access

You first need to decide what level of access and control you want your end users to have in the creation of their Personal Alert. The options are:

  • Access to the end user to create their own Alert
  • Access only to Administrators to create Alerts on behalf of each individual

Your licence will specify how many Personal Alerts are available in your subscription. If you choose to give access only to Administrators you can control the number of Alerts created. If you want end users to create their own Alert then you will need to make a decision about how you want to control access. You can discuss options with your Linex account manager. Once a user has a Personal Alert, it can be managed from the My Alerts page by the recipient of the Alert or from Alert Management by an Administrator.

My Firm's Library And Alert Builder

My Firm's Library are your private sources plus all those sources that have been selected to go into Alerts or have be specifically added to the My Firm's Library collection by the Administrator. This also includes all Email2Linex subscriptions that have been converted into sources. This library of sources feeds into the sources that the Reader can select for their Personal Alert when they go to the Sources tab on the My Alerts page.

What will automatically end up in My Firm's Library:

  • Any source in a Shared Alert;
  • Sources submitted by your organisation;
  • Saved searches that are not marked personal (public to your organisation only);
  • Sources created from emails;
  • Source Collections and Article Collections.

Setting Up Users' Personal Alerts As An Administrator

A Personal Alert for a user other than yourself can be created from one of two locations:

  • From the User Management page, select the drop down beside the users name, and choose + Create Personal Alert, then click on the Personal Alert icon next to the user's name to be taken to the edit page; or
  • From the user's Details page, under the Options menu, select + Create Personal Alert, which will auto-redirect you to the user's Personal Alert.

On the Alert Elements tab, select from the drop down menu Find sources/searches to search for content to add to the Personal Alert.


Scheduling of the Alert can be updated from the Publish Schedule tab, and changes can be made to the default style of the Alert on the Email Template tab.

To get back to this Alert edit view of the Personal Alert for an individual go to the Alert Management page and search for the name of the person or use the filters to narrow down to just Personal Alerts. Once you have located the Alert, click on the name and you will be taken to this Alert edit view.

Reader Creation Of Own Alert

  1. From the personal menu, select My Alerts. (Based on your organisation's settings, the Reader may see the available Shared Alerts on this page. If your subscription does not include Shared Alerts or your have blocked access to this feature, then the Reader will simply see the option to create a Personal Alert.)
  2. On the My Alerts page, click the Create button if no Personal Alert exists.

Once created, the page will refresh with the newly created Alert now showing at the top of the page, and the now-available list of Sources to choose from below (Note: If an organisation has reached the maximum number of Alerts in the license, the Reader will get a message about having reached their allocation and to contact their account manager.)

  1. The Reader now needs to add sources to the Alert and can identify relevant sources by:
    • Searching: entering terms into the Alert Builder search bar at the top of the page;
    • Filtering: using the tag lists in the left side navigation, which can include your organisation's own taxonomy;
    • Sorting: using the sort options at the top right of the list (My Selected, Popularity, Title); and/or
    • Browsing: scrolling through the list.
  2. Click the Add button to add sources to the Alert.
  3. The Manage menu allows users to order their sources as well as set the schedule of the Alert. New Alerts will default to the organisation's default publish setting.

Once the Alert has published, clicking Personal Alert (or your organisation's custom label) will open a popup with the Alert archive.


Can I add a source that isn't in My Firms Library to an Alert?

An Administrator can add a source to a Personal Alert that isn't in My Firm's Library, but the Reader will not have this function unless the global setting for the organisation is to see all sources.

I have sorted the sources alphabetically but some are out of order, why?

Alphabetical sorting reflects the original title that the source was submitted under. Therefore if you have customised the title it may appear to be out of order if e.g you changed "Supreme Court Cases" to "Cases from the Supreme Court".

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