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What Determines the Content in an Alert?


When you create a new alert or you add a new source to an existing alert, what content can you expect to see in that first publish?

The logic which determines what content is included in your alert is below:

  1. Don't include content already published in the alert or already excluded from the alert. Note: This will not affect a newly created alert as no content has ever been published in it.
  2. Don't include any items with created date* > 1 month ago.
  3. Don't include any items with content date** > 3 months ago.
  4. Only include items that have been created or updated*** since the last publish of the alert. IF there is no last publish - in the case of a new alert - then as per schedule (a daily alert = 24 hours of content; Weekly = 1 week of content, etc.).

*Created date = when an article was first brought into Linex. So, when a new source is added to the system, all available content is brought in at that point in time, and the article is stamped with a Created Date of that time.

**Content date = date the article was published to the original site/feed

***Updated = occasionally an article will be updated in the system because a second source has brought in the same article, thereby updating it (for example, a feed from the New York Times might also be brought in by a Google Alert a day later, thereby updating the original article). If the article has already published in a previous alert, the article will not republish due to the update because #1 above denies that option.



Q: Why do I still see older content after several publishes of my alert?

A: Alerts will publish a maximum of 200 articles per source. In cases where sources have a large repository of content items, you may see instances where an alert publishes content with older dates. This is because the system is still working to publish all viable articles from that source. Because sources list content in order of date, with the most recent at the top, you will occassionally see that the first few publishes of the alert may include some older items while the alert works to clear the backlog. This is not a common occurance and will work itself out over the first few publishes of the alert.

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