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How Do I Create and Manage Tags?


You need to be a System Administrator to be able to see the Tag Management page. If you have this permission go to Adminstration > Tag Management.

To learn how to utilize the tags you create, please review this guide.

Create A Tag List

A Tag List is a client created collection of tags, which acts as a categorization for the individual tags available to be applied to sources and alerts.

  • Select Create Tag List;
  • You will then get a popup window with the default of Tag List. Click Add. (Note: The Company List type, which you can find in the drop down, is a future development and is not recommended for current use.);




  • Give the list a name;
  • Choose whether your list will be visible to Readers on the News and My Alerts pages. Untick this box if you want to develop the list and tags before making it visible to Readers or if the list should only be visible to Administrators;
  • Click Add.




You will now see your list on the Tag Management page. When you hover over the name of the Tag List, you will see icons appear including the pencil edit icon (allowing you to edit the name of the list) and the tag icon.

Create Tags Within A Tag List

Tags are used to categorize articles, sources and alerts and are especially useful for refining searches.

  1. Click the tag icon, which will appear when you hover over your selected list.
  2. Click Create New Tag
  3. Give the tag a name
  4. Click Add

Tag List Visibility

By default, Tag Lists will appear as a left side filter on your Source Management, Alert Management, News and My Alerts pages, provided the tags have been applied to at least one item.

If you wish to make sure a Tag List is not visible to Readers, untick the box to the left of the Tag List on the Tag Management page. On creation of a new Tag List you do not wish to be visible to Readers, simply untick the box next to "Visible."



Q: What is a Tag Group?

A: A Tag Group is simply a way to categorize multiple Tag Lists under a designated heading. This Tag Group can then be set to be open or closed be default - this is set upon creation of the Tag Group or by clicking on the folder icon once created. This is particularly useful if you have a large number of Tag Lists but only want certain tag lists displayed by default. To move a Tag List into a Tag Group, simply click and hold your mouse on the up/down arrows beside the Tag List title and drag the list under the Tag Group name (you will see an outline where you can drop the list).

View on Tag Management page:



Please note that clicking on the tag group folder icon simply expands or contracts the underlying tag lists by default and does not affect Reader visibility of the tag lists and tags themselves.



View on Source Management page:


Q: How do I edit or delete an existing Tag List or Tag?

A: To edit the name of the Tag List or Tag, navigate to Tag Management and click on the pencil icon next to the Tag List or Tag you wish to edit. Once you've made your changes, be sure to hit enter rather than clicking outside of the edit pane to ensure the edits stick.

To delete a Tag List or Tag, click on the trash icon next to the name of the tag or list.

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