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Setting Access Rights on Sources


Administrators who wish to restrict access to a source can do so through Rights Management. This is intended for use on sources which contain premium/subscription content or otherwise sensitive information.

When set, the restriction prevents non-permitted users from:

  1. Adding the source to Personal Alerts (if set to hidden these non-permitted users will not see the source in the source library list)*;
  2. Accessing the full text of an article when clicking on the article within an alert; and
  3. Seeing articles from restricted sources in search results within Linex.

*Note: all administrators will always see all sources on Source Management page, regardless of permissions.

Access Rights can be set when a source is added into Linex. For sources already added to your Firm's Library, Access Rights will be set from the Source Management page. Using the drop down menu to the left of the source title, select Edit Details.

  1. Under the Access Right section, choose the visibility you want for the source on the My Alerts page. (Note: This is only relevant for organisations with Personal Alerts.)
  2. Assign Permitted Users - those who have access to click through to see the full text of articles, and for those organizations with Personal Alerts, those Readers who can add the source to their own Personal Alert.
  3. Set the restriction message from your list of custom notices (if you do not have custom messages set up but would like to do so, contact your account manager.)
  4. Click Done.




Q: What is the difference between Restricted Visible and Restricted Hidden?

A: Restricted Visible alert or source will appear in My Alert subpages to all Readers, but it will only be subscribable by those on the Permitted Users list. All others will be prompted with the designated restriction notice. A Restricted Hidden alert or source will appear in My Library only to Readers who are assigned as Permitted Users.

Q: When would I set a restriction on an alert or source?

A: Setting Rights Management restrictions should be used with caution and in cases where premium or sensitive information

Q: What is the difference between Source Rights Management and Alerts Rights Management?

A: Rights management is all about the accessibility of sources and alerts granted to Readers. Both limit what is visible to Readers and what Readers can subscribe to on the My Library page. Rights Management on sources, however, has the additional functionality that will limit a Reader from clicking through to the full text of an article if they do not have permission to do so.

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