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RSS Feeds of Shared Alerts


Why generate a RSS feed? 

You might want to populate your intranet or CRM system automatically with relevant content. Linex allows you to create your Shared Alert once and then publish the same content in multiple different ways.

How to create a RSS feed

Once you have created your Shared Alert, you will see "RSS Link" in the Options menu on the Alert Edit page.



If you do not see this menu option, please contact your Account Manager.


The link in the popup is the link to your alert's RSS feed.

  • The feed includes the last 100 articles published, however this may be overridden by settings in your RSS reader (including your intranet).
  • The feed will update after each publish - see more information below.
  • RSS feeds are not available for Restricted Alerts
  • You can configure the feed further using optional variables added to the end of the URL e.g. &d=j

&d=j  Removes publisher name from the description field.  Only relevant if customizing feed reader to use the separate Publisher field for more control over layout




&d=o  Used for replicating same layout as in the alert - with Publisher on a separate line to the Description. Also includes a "Read more" link

&d=s  Removes html out of the description field

Publishing your alert strictly to a RSS feed

Because RSS feeds rely on the alert publishing to update, at least one subscriber is required for the alert.

In cases where no individuals are subscribed to your alert, and the data will only be consumed via RSS, Administrators can create an account for RSS-only alerts. Create a new user with an appropriate name, such as "RSS User" but be sure to use a real email address which is recognized by your organization's mail server and which is set up to receive emails from senders outside your organisation. This can be a general mailbox such as library@ourdomain.com. (Note: Emails which receive hard bounces from mail servers trigger user deletion in Linex, which is why a real email address must be used.)


Q: Why don't I see the RSS link in the Options drop down?

A: If your organization's account has not been set up to consume alerts via RSS, please contact your account manager who will set up access for your organization.

Q: Why do some alerts show the RSS link in the Options drop down and others don't?

A: Alerts which are set as restricted do not have the option to produce an RSS link. This is to help protect the restrictions in place on the alert.

Q: We use Sharepoint - why doesn't the RSS feed generated work in our intranet?

A: If you are using Sharepoint and the RSS link you have added to your site is an http link, please update the link you are using to be https.

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