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What is a Source?

  • A Source is any Web Page, RSS Feed, Third Party Email, or Saved Search indexed in Linex. Groupings of articles, called an Article Collection, are also Sources.
  • A Source is NOT an individual article or entire website, although we may be tracking 20 different web pages or RSS feeds on that site, each of which IS a source.
  • The Source Management Page is accessed via the Administration menu.
  • Sources can be added and managed from this page, as can Source Collections. The search at the top of the page and the filters on the left can aid in easily locating Sources based on name, type, manager or key word.

 Tips about the types of pages to add

  • Do not add a homepage unless it is the only place that news items exist. Pages which do not display links to individual content items are not trackable nor are pages which contain static links which will never update (for example, an "About Us" page).
  • If there is an RSS feed choose that as the data will be cleaner and you will see content in Linex sooner. Also, RSS feeds are less likely to be subject to problems when websites update their design.
  • Consider if there is more than one page on the website you want to add, for example the Business News page and the Money News page, add these separately.

See also article on Email2Linex for content that is only available via email

What Defines a Source as Public or Private?

As an Administrator when you submit a source there is a tick box that says Private Source.All private sources will only be visible to users in your organisation.

Whilst you have the option of ticking this, if it is a genuine public source and has been ticked in error the Linex Content Manager may make it public so everyone can benefit. Sources coming in from designated publishers or with url patterns identified as private will automatically have this box ticked. However rest assured:

  • All Email2Linex sources will be private
  • All saved searches will be private
  • All Lexis Publisher and similar (Westlaw etc) will be automatically private

A lot of company news feeds may be marked as private, some of our customers are tracking thousands of companies, so other subscribers dont want to see these in the list of sources, making the list too busy to find sources of relevance

To view all private sources in your organisation's library, or alternately all public sources,use the filters on the left side in Source Management, while on the My Firm's Library tab, and either 'Private Sources' or 'Public Sources', depending on what you are after.

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