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Clone a Search or a Subscriber List


So you've invested time putting together the perfect saved search, using all the right phrases and connectors and utilizing just the right filters. But now you realize you want a nearly identical search, simply done across a different set of filters. 

Using the cloning feature in Linex, all the elements of the saved search you love will transfer over, so you aren't starting from the beginning. Simply open the search you want to replicate, and using the Options drop down, select "Save As". Give your new search a name and save it. Now you can set about changing your filters, search terms and connectors as desired.


Q: Can I clone an alert?

A: Yes. From the Alert Management list view, select the drop down arrow to the left of the alert which you want to clone. In the menu, you will see the option to Clone Alert. This will replicate the formatting, alert elements and publish schedule of the original, but will not include the subscriber list.

Q: How can I easily add the same subscriber list from one alert to another?

A: From the Alert Management page, find the alert which has the list of recipients you want receiving your new alert. From the drop down menu to the left of the alert title, choose 'View Users'. This will take you to the User Management area, displaying just those users subscribed to your chosen alert. Tick the select all box at the top, which will produce new option icons at the top of the list, including the option to subscribe those users to another alert. Choose the mail envelope icon, pick the alert from the popup window, and all those users are now subscribed to the alert you just chose.

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