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How Do I Add a Source to My Organization's Library?


Before adding a source to Linex please see What is a Source and Choosing the Best Source Format.

To track a web page or RSS feed, follow the steps below. For adding sources which come in as email subscriptions, please see our knowledge article on Email2Linex.

My Firm's Library

My Firm's Library* is a concept that allows you to easily view those sources that are of value to your organisation. Automatically all sources that are submitted by your organisation or added to alerts are included in My Firm's Library. All your private sources, Email2Linex sources and saved searches are also automatically part of My Firm's Library. You can also manually move items to be part of My Firm's Library.

As an Administrator when you go to the Source Management area you will see two tabs, one for My Firm's Library and one for All Sources. This helps you quickly move between the valuable sources for your organisation and the thousands of sources that are available in Linex. All Sources contains all the items in My Firms Library plus those other public sources that are available. If another Linex customer adds a new public source then it will be visible in All Sources.

For subscribers who have Personal Alerts, the My Firms Library can be the collection that Readers pick from to create their alerts.

*This label can be changed to something of your choosing e.g. 'Acme Key Sources'

Adding a New Source to Linex

  1. Once you have found the best url for your Source, navigate to the Source Management page, hover over the Options menu and choose 'Add Source' from the drop down list.
  2. Paste the URL for the web page or RSS feed into the popup window's field and click verify
  3. Set or review the title of your Source, removing the name of the publisher if that information has autopopulated. The system will automatically set the publisher based on the domain and each new source is reviewed by the Linex content team.
  4. Set the category of content this source will produce e.g. News, review all other fields and finally click on Done when you are satisfied.

Your Source will now appear as an option on the Source Management page. It can be added to an Alert even if content has not yet started coming into the Source. 



Searching for Sources In Linex

Linex's All Sources Library contains thousands of publicly available Sources available to be added to your organisation's own subset of selected Sources. To find Sources already existing in Linex to add to My Firm's Library, to add to Alerts and or to run a search across:

  • On the Source Management page, select the All Sources tab.
  • Filter, sort or search across the Sources to identify Sources of interest.
  • Select one or more Sources and click Add at the top of the results list to add them to your organisation's library.

Tips for searching in Source Management

  • Publisher search: to find sources from a specified publisher, preface your search with "org_name: " (Example: searching "org_name:wall street journal" will produce a list of available sources from Wall Street Journal).
  • Domain search: to find sources which comes from a specified url domain, preface your search with "url: " (Example: searching "url:nytimes.com" will produce a list of available sources which include nytimes.com in the url).


Q: How do I add multiple sources to My Firm's Library?

A: Using the mass select functionality, you can add multiple sources to My Firm's Library at once.

  1. Select the desired sources you with to add;
  2. Click on the mass update gear icon;
  3. Choose 'Add' under the My Firm's Library menu option.

Q: How do I delete a source from My Firm's Library?

A: On the My Firm's Library tab, from the drop down menu next to the source choose delete. Note that this will also delete it from any alerts that the source is in. If it is a private source, search etc it will delete the source completely. If it is a public source then the source will be available on the All Sources tab to select again in the future.

See also Delete a Source

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