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Framing Linex in Your Intranet


Adding Linex to your SharePoint has never been easier. This guide is created to help you add pages from Linex into your internal SharePoint installation in a framed context.

Add "Content Editor" Web Part to Your Intranet

Framing and user identification is achieved using the native web part called Content Editor.

1. Add the content editor web part on any page in your SharePoint


2. Edit the webpart, and then Edit Source


This will open a blank text editor. If it is not blank, check you are editing the Source for the webpart and not another element of the page.

3. Paste the Linex code into the editor and save

Get the Linex code here.

4. Edit the Iframe url to frame different Linex pages in your SharePoint (see the examples below)

Variables used in the Iframe URL:

  • customHeader=xx  -  Removes the Page Header
  • rmvLogo=xx  -  Removes Logo from Alert (only required when framing single alert in the page)
  • user_email=xx  -  Authenticates user into the Linex site

Examples of pages to frame

To change which page you frame, edit the iframe url in the Linex Code. Suggested pages to frame are:


1. A single alert:  eg https://ca.linexsystems.com/publishes/view/0/{alert_id}

Add any Linex Alert, or 3rd Party alert that is handled by Email2Linex and make it available to your user groups.  You can find the Alert_id from Alert Management in Linex at the end of the alert's custom url (ex: https://ca.linexsystems.com/alerts/edit/xxxx).


2. My Alerts:  https://ca.linexsystems.com/myalerts  

Each user can view all alerts that they have access to, and subscribe / unsubscribe, as well as view the alerts online.


3. A Saved Search:  https://ca.linexsystems.com/?id={search_id}  

Run and save a search in Linex and add the results to your SharePoint page.  Access the Search ID by opening the search and accessing the search id from the address bar of your browser.


4. The Linex News/Search Page: https://ca.linexsystems.com/

Add the Linex news search (or any other search) to your site, so that users can run their own searches. To add Nexis, FT, PLC search, the urls are:





For further information, please contact your account manager.

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