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Reader Guide


Reader accounts have a variety of capabilities for managing your news based on your own account’s particular subscription and settings. This guide will address the three primary pages a Reader has access to and how to use them.



1. News

The landing page for Linex is the News page. This is where ad hoc searches can be run across all sources in Linex. Results can be narrowed using the filters on the left side of the page. Some filters will be controlled by your organisation’s Linex Administrators while others are auto assigned by the system itself. Linex uses standard boolean search guidelines, but further information on searching in Linex can be found here.

Clicking on the article title will link you through to the article’s original publication. Note that any articles behind a paywall will still require a subscription to access the content.

2. My Details

The My Details page will display details of your profile, typically set up by your account Administrator. Depending on the method of user management set for your account, you may or may not have the ability to change the information here. It is recommended that you contact your account Administrator before making any changes to your profile.

3. My Alerts

The My Alerts page is where you can view and manage your Alert subscriptions which come in via email. Depending on your organisation’s subscription, your display will show up to three tabs*:

  1. Add Sources to Personal Alert
  2. Subscribe to My Firm's Alerts and/or
  3. Linex Alerts

*Note that the naming and availability of these tabs may differ based on your organisation's subscription and settings.



3.1. Add Sources to Personal Alert

If your organisation’s licence allows for Personal Alerts and you have one assigned to you, you can manage the sources you subscribe to on this tab.

  • Find sources by searching, sorting, browsing via the scroll bar or filtering (if your sources have been tagged by Administrators). To preview a source, click on the title.
  • To add sources to your Personal Alert, click on the Add button next to the source name. Clicking a second time will remove the source from your Alert.
  • In addition to choosing what sources are in your Personal Alert, you are also able to manage the order your want your sources to be listed in your alert and also set the schedule of your alert. These options are found under the Manage menu.

3.2. Subscribe to My Firm's Alerts

This tab displays the Alerts to which you are subscribed and all other organisation Alerts available to you. A search can be performed to find other Alerts that you wish to subscribe to as well using the search bar at the top of the page. To browse for other Alerts, use the scroll bar or use the filters on the left, if your account Administrators have tagged the Alerts. Alerts can be sorted in one of three ways as well:

  • Subscribed - displays those Alerts you are subscribed to at the top;
  • Title - displays the Alerts in alphabetical order; or
  • Popularity - displays the Alerts by number of subscribers.

To view the Alert’s most recent publish and the archive of the Alert, click on the Alert’s title.

Simply click the Subscribe/d button to add or remove yourself from any Alert.


3.3. Linex Alerts

This tab displays Alerts which are created and managed by the Linex Newsletter Editor and are available to your organisation based on your organisation's licence.

For questions about your organisation’s subscription to Linex, as well as any other usage questions, please contact your organisation’s Linex Administrator(s).

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