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Uploading Images to Alerts


In addition to text, images can be added into the introductory or commentary sections of your alert.

If Your Image Is On a Local Hard Drive (Not Hosted Online)

For images which are not hosted online already, you will first need to upload the image to Linex. This will provide you with a url for the image which can then be used when adding it to your introduction or commentary.

  1. From your Personal Menu, select Upload Article;
  2. Give your image a title;
  3. Choose the file from your drive;
  4. Confirm that you have the rights to use the content; and
  5. Click Next.


You will then be given the option to add the image to an Article Collection. If the image will need to be shared with others, you may consider creating an Article Collection for shared images. Otherwise, you can skip this step.

Once your image has been uploaded to Linex, navigate to the My Uploads page from your Personal Menu. Clicking on the image title will open the image in a new browser tab where you will see that the image now has a url address.



If Your Image Is Hosted Online

For images which are hosted online, within Linex or another location, navigate to the Alert Edit page.

  1. For a new Commentary section, select Add Text from the Alert Elements drop down list. (For introductions or existing commentary sections, follow guidance from here.)
  2. In the text edit popup, select the Insert Image icon;
  3. Insert the url for your image;
  4. Click OK and confirm the image is now in your text field;
  5. Click Save.
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