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What is Email2Linex?


Email2Linex allows you to handle all your incoming emails via a single, convenient interface. Linex allows you to decide whether emails arriving into your Linex inbox are automatically forwarded onto individual recipients or if the content of the email should be indexed for inclusion in your Smart Alerts. This allows you greater control over how your users receive their desired content.

Why use Email2Linex

  1. You can manage all subscriptions in one place.  You don't have to log into different services to see who is subscribed to alerts and to manage those subscriptions.
  2. You can set up tracking to monitor all opens and click-throughs and thus gauge the value of the incoming emails for your end users.
  3. If your user list in Linex is automatically updated from your firm's active directory, when a user leaves your firm, they are automatically removed from alerts they are subscribed to.  
  4. You can enable "self service" for attorneys so that they can manage their own subscriptions. You can also set access rights so that only permitted users can subscribe to alerts for which you have limited licences.
  5. You can set up rules to insert information into the header of incoming emails.
  6. You can remove links from emails to prevent users from clicking through on articles which must be requested from the library.


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