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What Are the Linex User Types?


There are two basic user types in Linex: Administrators and Readers. However, each of these can be set with additional permissions to allow your organization to have greater control over how your users interact with your Linex account.


The basic Reader license can:

  • Subscribe / Un-subscribe to alerts
  • Run searches
  • Manage their profile (unless users are centrally managed by FTP)

Additionally, accounts can be set to enable Readers to save private searches (for adding to their Personal Alert).


A Contributor can do everything Readers can do, plus:

  • Create Article Collections
  • Upload Articles
  • Add articles to their own Article Collections
  • Create saved searches available to be added to other Smart Alerts

Article Collections and searches managed by Contributors can then be used by Administrators in their alerts.


Administrators have all the aforementioned functionality, plus they can:

  • Create Smart Alerts
  • Edit alerts which are unmanaged or of which they are the manager
  • Add and manage sources
  • Set up and manage Email2Linex rules
  • Manage users
  • View reports
  • Tag sources and alerts with their organization's custom tags

Global Manager

A Global Manager can do all that an Administrator can but also has permissions to edit alerts, sources and searches that are managed by other Administrators. This setting can be applied to individual Administrator accounts by a System Administrator or can be turned on as the default for all Administrators. Please contact your account manager for details.

System Administrator

A System Administrator can do all that an Administrator can, plus:

  • Update User Types including setting Global Managers
  • Access the Tag Management page to manage the organization's custom taxonomy
  • Customize the platform's settings

System Administrators can only be set by your account manager.

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