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Client Dashboard - Using the Account Overview Tab


The Account Overview tab allows you to survey your account at the highest level. The various views on this tab display your subscription usage information, the available permissions and the status for your account, as well as data and statistics related to your users, alerts and searches. Use the left-hand filters to investigate the available data. If you wish to purchase additional licenses or have permissions turned on, please speak to your Linex Account Manager.


The landing page, Overview, is a snapshot of some key account information.

  1. The number of Global Managers will be determined by individual Administrator accounts with that permission or, if set as the default for the organisation, if will tie up with the number of Administrators.
  2. To view the list of Offices and IP addresses for your account, simply click on the corresponding hyperlinked number in the table.


The Permissions menu displays the list of available permissions which can be set per organisation. While these permissions cannot be updated by Administrators from the Client Dashboard, it is intended to allow greater visibility of what is available and in use. To enquire about updating these permissions settings, please contact your account manager.



There are a variety of views available under the Users menu which display both the sum and percentage of total users which have alert subscriptions, are managed via automated user import and those which are deleted.

  1. Select the data set you are interested in viewing from the left-hand filter.
  2. Hover over a section of the chart for a percentage breakdown.
  3. Click on offices in the legend to hide/show them in the chart.

Smart Alerts

Based upon your organisation’s subscription, you will have one or more displays under the Smart Alerts menu item.

  1. Select a data set to see how your licence is being used and a chart displaying this usage over time.
  2. Hover over a data point on the chart to see more details.


The Searches view offers a look at the various search types on your account, and charts the number of saved searches over time and also displays how many searches have been deleted.

  1. Filter by search type using the left-hand filters. Hover over any data point to see more details.
  2. Hover over any data point to see more details.
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