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How Do I Use Search Trends?


Yes, the Search Trends functionality is useful for getting a big-picture view of how many articles your search has matched over time. The functionality also allows you to zoom in and refine your search to better identify why a search had changes in popularity. *Note that these trend charts may be affected by content retention policies.

Once you have run a search on the News page, select the "Trend" icon from the top right of your results list.



The results trend will then be pulled up for that particular search.

To narrow the view to a specific section of time, click and drag your mouse between any two points on the graph and a zoom will be applied.



Once you have selected a section of time, you can either:

  1. Filter Search Results - this will take you back to the News page, and display only the articles from your narrowed selection of time.
  2. Reset Zoom - this will reset the Results trend.




To revert back to your original search results once in a Filtered Search Results View, simply clear that filter by clicking the X next to Trend Results at the top of your results. This will refresh the view back to the full results list.


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