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Setting Access Rights on Alerts


Administrators who wish to restrict access to an alert, for Readers using the My Alerts page, can do so through Rights Management. This is intended for use on alerts which contain premium/subscription content or otherwise sensitive information. Rights Management on alerts can be set either from the Alert Management page or from the Alert Edit view.  

From The Alert Management Page


Setting up Rights Management from the Alert Management page is particularly useful when you want to update multiple alerts at once. To do so, you will:

  1. Select the alert(s) which you want to restrict
  2. Select the "More" drop down and select "Set Access Rights ".
  3. Set the Access Rights and Restriction Message from your list of custom notices (if you do not have custom messages set up but would like to do so, contact your Account Manager.

* Note that you will still need to view each alert individually if you wish to set up a Permitted User list for that alert.

From The Alert Edit Page


Setting up Rights Management from the Alert Edit page allows you to set your Permitted User list and also subscribe users to the alert. Once you have entered the edit view, you will:

Go to the Subscribers tab

  1. Go to the Subscribers tab
  2. Set the visibility, Restricted Visible or Restricted Hidden. Also set the restriction message from your list of custom notices (if you do not have custom messages set up but would like to do so, contact your Account Manager)
  3. If there are a limited number of subscription licenses you have for an alert, set that number as the Permitted Limit. Once this number of subscribers has been reached, an error message will appear if an administrator attempts to add any more subscribers.
  4. Determine who will be able to subscribe themselves to the Alert from the My Library page by adding those Readers to the Permitted Users list. (Note that this does not determine who is actually subscribed to the alert, only who has permission to subscribe themselves)
  5. Subscribe users who you want to receive the alert. Only those Readers subscribed to the alert will receive the alert publish.
  6. Save your alert.

Note: Subscribers added from this page will automatically be added to the Permitted Users list, so an administrator does not have to manually add those Users to both lists manually.


Q: What is the Subscriber Limit?

A: The Subscriber Limit is a value on an alert that can be set by Administrators. This is the maximum number of subscribers an alert can have. Administrators set this when an alert has a limited number of subscriptions allowed, usually due to licensing terms. This is especially relevant for 3rd party forwarding alerts.

Q: What is the definition of Permitted Users?

A: The list of specific users who are permitted to view and subscribe to an alert or source from the My Alerts subpages. For sources, grants access to click through to the full text of an article as well as allows articles from the restricted source to return as part of Linex News searches.

Q: What is the difference between Restricted Visible & Restricted Hidden?

A: Restricted Visible alert or source will appear in My Alert subpages to all Readers, but it will only be subscribable by those on the Permitted Users list. All others will be prompted with the designated restriction notice. A Restricted Hidden alert or source will appear in My Library only to Readers who are assigned as Permitted Users.

Q: When would I set a restriction on an alert or source?

A: Setting Rights Management restrictions should be used with caution and in cases where premium or sensitive information  

Q: What is the difference between Source Rights Management and Alerts Rights Management?

A: Rights management is all about the accessibility of sources and alerts granted to Readers. Both limit what is visible to Readers and what Readers can subscribe to on the My Library page. Rights Management on sources, however, has the additional functionality that will limit a Reader from clicking through to the full text of an article if they do not have permission to do so.

Q: Why would I set a number in the Permitted Limit field?

A: This is particularly designed and helpful for 3rd party email forwarders whereby a license has been purchased for a limited number of Readers to receive that email.

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