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How Do I Utilize Publisher Filters?


Publisher Filters allow Administrators to dictate a set of specified publishers they wish to track. Organisations can then opt for one of the Publisher Filters to be the default filter on the News page, alternately, the default will be "All Publishers". When a Publisher Filter is selected on the News page, searches will be limited to articles from one of the defined publishers in that filter. This differs from Source Collections and tags, which search through articles from individually selected sources only.


Create a new Publisher Filter

To create a new Publisher Filter, navigate to the Settings tab on the Client Dashboard, which is found under the Administration menu. On the left side of the screen, choose "Publisher Filters" from the navigation list.

  1. Select "+Add New".
  2. Give your Publisher Filter a name and hit Save.
  3. Once created, select your new Publisher Filter, which will open the editing window.
  4. Search for publishers by name and add them to the list of organisations you want to track, select from the drop down list, and hit Add.
  5. To exclude individual sources from those publishers, search for and add them to the Excluded Sources list.

Utilize the Publisher Filter on the News page

Once created, you will see the Publisher Filter on the News page to be used as a filter when searching.


Edit an existing Publisher Filter

Editing an existing Publisher Filter is done from the same location as creating a new one.

1. To update the title of a filter, double click on the Title field, update the name and hit Enter.

2. To delete an organisation from the list of selected publishers, simply select the name from the list, and once highlighted, click Delete.

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